Shaanxi Hanzhong Transformer Co., ltd
  • Oil Immersed Transformer
    Oil immersed power transformer china produced with IEC 60076 standard, which fully meets various requirements, and work very well for long term.
  • Distribution Transformer
    Distribution Transformers, adopted widely and safely, produced with IEC 60076 standard and professional manufacturing experience.
  • Rectifier Transformer
    Rectifier transformers, produced with the national standards GB1094, JB/T8636-1997 and related IEC standards, feature low loss and energy-saving. Our transformer company can also provide customized products for various application purpose and different users' requirements.
  • Furnace Transformer
    Furnace transformer can convert a higher voltage into a lower voltage that is suitable for electric arc furnace. The transformer features strong short-circuit resistance, large overload capacity, high efficiency, low loss, safety, and reliability.
  • Dry-Type Transformer
    Dry type transformers, produced with IEC standard and professional manufacturing experience, features moisture-proof, low loss, low partial discharge, high reliability, etc.
  • Compact Transformer
    Compact transformer, produced with IEC standards, put transformers, load switches, and fuses into insulating oil for safety and protection. The transformer has a compact structure and uses high fire-point insulating oil (>312 °C) to meet the requirements of special places.
As a member company of Shanxi Electronic Information Group and a professional Chinese transformer manufacturer, Shanxi Hanzhong Transformer Co, ltd locates at Chencang Road South, North Economic Development Area, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, P.R.China. It was established in early 1937, and occupies nearly80,000 square meters. It is one of the leading transformer suppliers, and it is also a large national enterprise, owning fixed asset of RMB 280 million and 7 subsidiaries. The transformer manufacturing company is state appointed power transformer manufacturer specializing in manufacture of large-sized and medium-sized transformers, compact transformers, LV and HV power panels, dry type power transformers and vacuum oil purification plants, moreover, our China transformer supplier possesses rich manufacture technology and perfect measurement devices.
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